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bre tiesi wikipedia

The dazzling sixth season of “Selling Sunset” welcomed new faces, and among them was the enigmatic Bre Tiesi. Replacing the iconic trio of Vander, Quinn, and Villela, Bre added a dash of glamour and drama to the Netflix series. As she gears up for her encore in the seventh season, let’s dive into the life and journey of this 32-year-old model-turned-real estate agent.

1. The Modern Maven:

Bre Tiesi’s design taste is as modern as her approach to real estate. With a penchant for minimalistic elegance, she transforms spaces into contemporary marvels. Her favorite design style, as revealed on Instagram, resonates with a modern aesthetic with a touch of minimalism.

2. Family First:

While Bre is conquering the real estate realm, her heart resides in her son’s nursery. This cozy haven, adorned with dreamy wallcoverings and a beaded chandelier, holds a special place in her heart.

Additionally, her breakfast nook is a preferred spot for entertaining guests, showcasing her love for creating inviting spaces.

Bre Tiesi’s romantic and family life has been under the spotlight, particularly her relationship with multihyphenate Nick Cannon. In June 2022, Bre welcomed their first child, a baby named Legendary Love (Legend) Cannon.

The couple celebrated the joyous occasion of becoming parents, with Bre sharing details of her all-natural home birth on social media.

She expressed gratitude for Nick Cannon’s unwavering support during the transformative experience, emphasizing his significant role in the journey to parenthood.

Legend’s presence has added a new dimension to Bre’s life, and she runs a separate Instagram account dedicated to capturing adorable moments with their little one, featuring holiday-themed photoshoots and snapshots of their family outings.

Full NameBreana Tiesi
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
Design StyleModern, with a minimalistic edge
Favorite RoomSon’s nursery, adorned with dreamy decor
Travel PreferencesEnjoys beach destinations like Bora Bora, Cabo, and Miami
Snack of ChoiceHot Cheetos (sometimes stored in her Birkin bag)
RelationshipsMarried Johnny Manziel in 2018, now has a child with Nick Cannon
Career ShiftTransitioned from modeling to real estate
Notable ProjectsAppeared in Nick Cannon’s MTV show Wild ‘n Out, modeled for Boutine Los Angeles, featured in an Effen Vodka commercial with 50 Cent
PhilanthropySupports PETA, engages in community-oriented activities
Social MediaInstagram: bre_tiesi

Before her relationship with Nick Cannon, Bre Tiesi was previously married to former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. The couple tied the knot on March 10, 2018, after getting engaged during a romantic date in Paris in March 2016.

However, their marriage faced challenges, and they officially confirmed their split in March 2019.

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Despite the separation, Bre Tiesi remains dedicated to protecting her family, asserting her strong stance on maintaining her unconventional lifestyle while being fiercely protective of those she holds dear.

Her experiences in love and family life have become integral parts of her narrative, contributing to the dynamic and multifaceted persona that she brings to both public and private spheres.

3. Jet-Setting Lifestyle:

Bre’s love for travel takes her to sun-kissed beaches worldwide. Bora Bora, Cabo, and Miami are some of her favorite destinations. A globetrotter at heart, she finds solace and joy in exploring different corners of the world.

4. Snacking in Style:

In a surprising twist, Bre keeps hot Cheetos in her purse. Unveiling this quirky habit during the trailer for Selling Sunset’s seventh season, she casually offers her fellow agents a hot Cheeto from her Birkin bag. A touch of spice, even in snacks!

5. The Journey to “Selling Sunset”:

Bre wasn’t an instant “yes” to joining the Selling Sunset cast. She declined offers for seasons two and three, finally making her debut in the sixth season. Her decision aligned with a pivotal moment in her life, marked by a public relationship with Nick Cannon and the birth of their child.

6. The Personal Front:

Bre’s personal life is a tapestry of high-profile relationships. Welcoming a baby named Legendary Love (Legend) Cannon with Nick Cannon, she shared the joy of an all-natural home birth on social media. Before Cannon, she was married to former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel, adding an intriguing layer to her narrative.

7. Multifaceted Ventures:

Bre isn’t just a real estate sensation; she’s a multifaceted personality. From modeling for Rockstar Energy to creating a health and fitness series, “Elevate with Bre,” she seamlessly navigates various realms. Her foray into real estate stems from a desire to be the ultimate connector, providing everything from house rentals to jet services.

8. Giving Back to the Community:

Outside the glamorous world of real estate and entertainment, Bre is passionate about giving back. Actively involved in community-oriented organizations and supporting PETA’s mission for animal rights, she adds a philanthropic touch to her dynamic lifestyle.

9. A Fashionable Past:

Born and raised in Calabasas, California, Bre stumbled into modeling at the age of 16. Becoming the spokesmodel for Rockstar Energy for two years, she ventured into various facets of the modeling industry.

10. The Net Worth Enigma:

While Celebrity Net Worth hasn’t officially listed Bre yet, estimates suggest her net worth ranges from $300k to $6 million. In comparison to her Selling Sunset co-stars, this real estate maven is poised for financial success.

Bre Tiesi, a captivating blend of style, ambition, and charisma, continues to make waves in the world of real estate and beyond. As she graces the screens in the seventh season of Selling Sunset, audiences can expect more glamour, drama, and perhaps a few surprises from this multifaceted personality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bre Tiesi:

  1. Q: Who is Bre Tiesi?
    • A: Bre Tiesi is a 32-year-old model turned real estate agent, known for her appearances on the Netflix series “Selling Sunset.”
  2. Q: What is Bre Tiesi’s favorite design style?
    • A: Bre Tiesi favors a modern design style with a minimalistic edge, as seen in her home and lifestyle choices.
  3. Q: What are Bre Tiesi’s travel preferences?
    • A: Bre enjoys traveling to beach destinations, with Bora Bora, Cabo, and Miami being among her favorite spots.
  4. Q: How did Bre Tiesi enter the real estate industry?
    • A: Bre Tiesi transitioned from modeling to real estate, aiming to build a diverse portfolio and become a resource for various needs, from house rentals to jet services.
  5. Q: Is Bre Tiesi involved in philanthropy?
    • A: Yes, Bre Tiesi engages in volunteer work, supporting organizations like PETA and participating in community-oriented activities, including the Westside Community Dinner and Celebration.

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