Christian Horner Leaked Text Messages: Red Bull F1 Boss Responds Firmly After Clearance

In the world of Formula 1, the recent controversy surrounding Christian Horner, the Red Bull F1 team principal, has stirred significant attention. After being cleared of ‘inappropriate behavior’ following an internal investigation, leaked WhatsApp messages allegedly sent by Horner have cast a shadow over the start of the 2024 season. In this article, we explore the details, Horner’s response, and the potential implications for the seasoned team principal.

Clearance and Subsequent Leaks:

The saga began with allegations from a female colleague, accusing Horner of inappropriate and controlling behavior. However, an external lawyer-led investigation concluded, dismissing the complaint after nearly ten hours of interviews with Horner. Despite this clearance, the situation took an unexpected turn when sexually suggestive WhatsApp messages were leaked, casting doubt on the integrity of the initial investigation.

Horner’s Firm Response:

In response to the leaked messages, Christian Horner issued a firm statement, reiterating his denial of the allegations. He emphasized that he respected the integrity of the independent investigation and fully cooperated at every step. Horner also highlighted that the investigation was conducted by an independent specialist barrister, bringing thoroughness and fairness to the process.

The Anonymous Source and Verification Challenges:

The leaked material, comprising 79 documents in a Google Drive, was sent to prominent figures in Formula 1, including FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem and F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali. The Independent, which claims to have seen the content, acknowledges the inability to verify its authenticity. The anonymous source raises questions about the motive behind the leak and whether the alleged exchanges were part of the initial investigation or constitute new evidence.

Potential Repercussions:

As the controversy unfolds, the focus shifts to how Formula 1 and its governing body, the FIA, will handle the matter. The sport’s regulations, particularly Article 12.2, stress the importance of avoiding words or deeds that cause moral injury. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and McLaren CEO Zak Brown have called for a review of the investigation conducted by Red Bull, adding to the complexity of the situation.

Horner’s Commitment to Racing:

Despite the turmoil, Christian Horner has remained steadfast in his commitment to racing. In a statement, he asserted that the unity within the team has never been stronger. The Red Bull F1 chief, present in Bahrain during the pre-race activities, emphasized his focus on the start of the season and defending both team and driver titles.

Net Worth on the Podium:

Christian Horner’s net worth is estimated to be a cool $50 million (£40 million). This impressive figure reflects his long tenure and success at the helm of Red Bull Racing.


As the first race of the 2024 season approaches, the controversy surrounding Christian Horner continues to overshadow the racing excitement. The leaked messages, regardless of their authenticity, have reignited discussions about integrity, accountability, and workplace standards within the high-stakes world of Formula 1. As stakeholders await further developments, the sport braces for a challenging chapter that extends beyond the racetrack.

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