Dai Yongge Net Worth and Biography – Insights into the Chinese Tycoon’s Business Ventures and Football Ownership

Dai Yongge, born on April 28, 1968, is a prominent Chinese businessman and entrepreneur best known as the owner of the English football club, Reading F.C. His story involves a journey from the family business empire to significant investments in the sports industry.

Net Worth Overview

As of the latest available data on January 17, 2024, Dai Yongge’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $3.7 Billion. The majority of his wealth is tied to his role as the founder of a discretionary trust, influencing China Dili Group, with substantial holdings in the company’s stock.

Insider Trading and Holdings

Dai Yongge’s financial portfolio is closely linked to China Dili Group (HKSE:01387), where he owns approximately 5,645,365,507 shares, valued at $3.7 Billion as of December 6, 2021. This information is derived from SEC filings and provides a glimpse into the scale of his influence within the business.

Ownership Network

While details about Dai Yongge’s ownership network are not available, his role as a founder and major shareholder in China Dili Group signifies his strategic importance in the corporate landscape.

| Biographical Information | |
| Full Name: | Dai Yongge |
| Date of Birth: | April 28, 1968 |
| Nationality: | Chinese |
| Occupation: | Businessman, Entrepreneur|
| Notable Role: | Owner of Reading F.C. |

| Financial Overview | |
| Net Worth: | $3.7 Billion (as of Jan 17, 2024)|
| Business Affiliation: | China Dili Group |
| Stock Holdings: | 5,645,365,507 shares of China Dili Group (HKSE:01387) |
| | Valued at $3.7 Billion (as of Dec 6, 2021) |

| Family and Relationships | |
| Sister: | Dai Xiuli |
| Sister’s Net Worth:| $1.2 Billion (as of 2014, Forbes estimate) |
| Sister’s Profession:| Real Estate Businesswoman|
| Spouse: | Zhang Xingmei |

| Football Ventures | |
| Football Club Ownership: | Reading F.C. (since May 2017) |
| Previous Attempts: | Hull City (unsuccessful £130m takeover bid in 2016) |
| | Beijing Renhe (formerly Shaanxi Chanba) – dissolved in 2021 |
| | KSV Roeselare (Belgian club) – folded following relegation |

Business Ventures and Career Highlights

Dai Yongge’s Rise to Prominence

In May 2017, Dai Yongge, alongside his sister Dai Xiuli, made headlines by becoming the majority shareholders of Reading F.C., acquiring a 75% stake in the club. This move followed approval from the English Football League (EFL) and marked the siblings as the club’s fourth set of owners in just five years.

Business Interests Beyond Football

Before venturing into football ownership, Dai Yongge served as the Executive Chairman of Renhe Commercial Holdings Company Limited. Renhe, initially a family business focusing on transforming underground air raid shelters into shopping malls, witnessed significant success under Dai Yongge’s leadership. By 2016, the company boasted a network of 23 malls across China.

Philanthropy and Civic Contributions

In 2021, Dili Group, under Dai Yongge’s influence, donated 16.2 million Chinese yuan (approximately £1.8 million) to Wuhan, a city at the center of the Covid-19 pandemic. This philanthropic effort showcased a commitment to social responsibility.

Family Dynamics: Dai Xiuli’s Role

Dai Xiuli, Dai Yongge’s sister, is also a notable figure in the business world. In 2014, Forbes estimated her fortune at $1.2 billion (£715 million), primarily earned through real estate ventures. The siblings’ business partnership included Dai Xiuli’s transfer of her controlling stake in Renhe to Dai Yongge as a gift in mid-2014.

Football Ventures Beyond Reading F.C.

Apart from Reading F.C., Dai Yongge and Dai Xiuli attempted to acquire English Premier League club Hull City in August 2016 with a £130 million takeover bid. However, this endeavor proved unsuccessful. Additionally, Dai Xiuli acquired KSV Roeselare in 2016, a Belgian club, which faced financial difficulties leading to its dissolution, mirroring the fate of Beijing Renhe in China.

Challenges and Controversies

Despite the initial vision of creating “world-class facilities” for Reading F.C., Dai Yongge’s ownership has faced criticism. Reading FC has encountered financial challenges, including a winding-up petition over unpaid tax, an English Football League charge for failing to pay players on time, and relegation to the third tier of English football.

Dai Yongge’s Future Endeavors

As of now, Dai Yongge’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, but his commitment to resolving the challenges faced by Reading F.C. suggests ongoing efforts to stabilize and progress the future of the club.


Dai Yongge‘s journey from the helm of a family business empire to football ownership encapsulates a dynamic blend of business acumen and sports passion. While facing challenges, his influence extends beyond football, reflecting a diverse and impactful career in the business world. The legacy of Dai Yongge and Dai Xiuli continues to unfold, leaving a mark on both the business and sports landscapes.

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