Daniel Brunskill Contract: Height, Age, Salary, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend – Latest Updates

The NFL community is buzzing with the latest news surrounding Daniel Brunskill, the versatile offensive guard who recently inked a lucrative deal with the Tennessee Titans.

From contract details to personal aspects, let’s delve into the comprehensive information about Daniel Brunskill’s life and career.

Daniel Brunskill’s Recent Contract with the Tennessee Titans

Contract Breakdown:

Daniel Brunskill, aged 29, recently signed a 2-year, $5,500,000 contract with the Tennessee Titans, showcasing the team’s commitment to his skills on the offensive line.

The deal includes a substantial $1,000,000 signing bonus, with $1,500,000 guaranteed. His average annual salary stands at an impressive $2,750,000.

Yearly Breakdown:

  • 2023 (Age 29):
    • Base Salary: $1,080,000
    • Signing Bonus: $500,000
    • Cap Hit: $441,177
    • Dead Cap: $2,491,754
    • Yearly Cash: $2,080,000
    • Potential Out: 2024, 1 YR, $2,491,754; $500,000 Dead Cap
  • 2024 (Age 30):
    • Base Salary: $2,420,000
    • Signing Bonus: $500,000
    • Cap Hit: $411,754
    • Dead Cap: $500,000
    • Yearly Cash: $2,920,000
    • Free Agent Year: 2025 (UFA)

Here is a comprehensive table summarizing Daniel Brunskill’s contracts and earnings based on the provided data:

YearAgeBase SalarySigning BonusRoster/GMCap HitDead CapYearly CashCash AAV
  • Per Game Active Bonus (2023): $29,411 ($500,000, 13 LTBE)
  • Potential Out (2024): 1 YR, $2,491,754; $500,000 Dead Cap
  • Free Agent Year (2025): UFA

Per Game Active Bonus:

Brunskill also stands to earn an additional $29,411 per game, with $500,000 and 13 LTBE (Likely to Be Earned) in 2023.

Full NameDaniel Brunskill
Age29 years
Date of BirthJanuary 27, 1994
PositionOffensive Guard
CollegeSan Diego State
NFL Debut2017 (Undrafted free agent with Atlanta Falcons)
Current TeamTennessee Titans
NFL Experience4 years
Previous TeamsAtlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers
  • NFL Career Highlights:
    • Undrafted in 2017, signed with Atlanta Falcons.
    • Joined San Francisco 49ers in 2019, establishing himself in the rugged offensive line.
    • Versatile player, starting every game for the 49ers in 2020 and 2021.
    • Signed a 2-year contract with the Tennessee Titans after the 2022–2023 season.
  • NFL Stats:
    • Played in 61 regular-season games over four years.
    • Started 42 games, showcasing versatility across all five offensive line positions.

Daniel Brunskill’s NFL Journey:

Career Highlights:

  • Daniel Brunskill began his NFL journey with the Atlanta Falcons in 2017 as an undrafted free agent after showcasing his skills at San Diego State in college.
  • Despite not getting consistent playing time initially, Brunskill’s talent became evident when he joined the San Francisco 49ers in 2019, starting to make a name for himself in the rugged offensive line.

Versatility and Contributions:

  • Known for his versatility, Brunskill has played all over the offensive line, primarily at guard, starting every game for the Niners in 2020 and 2021.
  • Over his four-year tenure with the 49ers, Brunskill played in 61 regular-season games, starting 42 of them, showcasing his adaptability and skill set.

Tennessee Titans Move:

  • The Tennessee Titans recognized Brunskill’s potential, signing him to a two-year contract following the 2022–2023 season.

Daniel Brunskill‘s Girlfriend

Tori Baldwin, born on September 2, 1997, is the daughter of Melissa and Robert Baldwin. Raised in Liberty, North Carolina, Tori graduated from Providence Grove High School.

Her athletic prowess was evident during her high school days, where she excelled in volleyball. Tori was a three-time team MVP, set a school single-season record for kills and blocks, and received All-Conference and All-County honors four times.

Personal Life:

Age, Height, and More:

  • As of the latest information, Daniel Brunskill is 29 years old and stands as a formidable force on the field.
  • His journey from high school tight end to a key player in the NFL reflects his dedication and hard work.

Net Worth:

Financial Standing:

  • In 2024, Daniel Brunskill boasts a net worth of $4.1 Million, a testament to his success in the NFL.
  • His recent contract with the Titans contributes significantly to his overall financial standing.


Daniel Brunskill’s recent contract with the Tennessee Titans marks a significant chapter in his NFL journey. As a versatile and skilled offensive guard, Brunskill’s impact on the field continues to grow, reflected not only in his contracts but also in his impressive net worth. As he embarks on this new chapter with the Titans, fans eagerly anticipate the contributions he will make to the team’s success. Stay tuned for more updates on Daniel Brunskill’s journey in the NFL.

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