Fahad Siddiqui’s Dubai Bling Net Worth: A Journey of Business, Family, and Fame

In the dynamic world of business and luxury, Fahad Siddiqui, the esteemed entrepreneur, is currently in the limelight with an estimated net worth of $4 million in 2024, as reported by Lifestyle Asia.

Originally from Mumbai, Fahad now calls the opulent city of Dubai home. Let’s delve into the key aspects of Fahad Siddiqui’s life that contribute to his noteworthy net worth.

Educational and Business Background

Fahad Siddiqui’s journey is characterized by academic excellence and a thriving career. Armed with a commerce degree from the HR College Of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, he furthered his education with a marketing degree from the Mumbai Educational Trust League of Colleges.

His professional trajectory began at Mumbai’s Orbit Corporation Limited before becoming an integral part of the Siddiqui Group of Companies in 2006, where he currently serves as the Executive Director.

Strategic Role in Dubai’s Business Landscape

Fahad’s managerial prowess extends to his role as the Managing Director of Indo Rise General Trading LLC in Dubai since 2012.

This company has been a cornerstone in shaping his financial success, solidifying his position as a significant player in Dubai’s business arena.

Full NameFahad Siddiqui
Date of Birth(Specific date not provided)
Place of BirthMumbai, India
ResidenceDubai, UAE
EducationHR College Of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai<br>Marketing degree from Mumbai Educational Trust League of Colleges
Career HighlightsExecutive Director, Siddiqui Group of Companies (since 2006)<br>Managing Director, Indo Rise General Trading LLC, Dubai (since 2012)
SpouseSafa Siddiqui (British-Iraqi fashion designer)
ChildrenTwo daughters – Alina (born in 2020) and another girl child (born in 2022)
Net Worth (2024)$4 million (as reported by Lifestyle Asia)
Notable InvolvementFeatured in the Netflix series “Dubai Bling” (streaming since December 13, 2023)

Family Life and Personal Achievements

In 2019, Fahad Siddiqui celebrated a joyous occasion as he tied the knot with Safa Siddiqui, a British-Iraqi fashion designer. Their wedding was a blend of traditional Indian rituals and contemporary charm. The couple is now proud parents to two daughters, Alina (born in 2020) and another girl child (born in 2022), adding another layer to Fahad Siddiqui’s fulfilling family life.

Wealth Accumulation and Lifestyle

Fahad Siddiqui’s wealth primarily stems from his strategic business decisions and successful trading ventures, with Lifestyle Asia reporting his net worth at $4 million in 2024. Despite a lack of detailed information on his expenses, various outlets suggest a lavish lifestyle, particularly in his residence in Dubai. His choice of Dubai aligns with the city’s reputation for luxury real estate, reflecting the preferences of many successful entrepreneurs.

Dubai Bling and Entertainment Spotlight

Fahad’s involvement in the Netflix series “Dubai Bling” has further elevated his status. The show, which began streaming on December 13, 2023, has captivated audiences interested not only in the lives of their favorite stars but also in Fahad Siddiqui’s journey from educational roots in India to prominent status in Dubai’s elite circles. This showcases his business acumen and ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities.


Fahad Siddiqui’s life is a captivating narrative of business success, family joy, and fame. He stands as a notable figure in both the business and entertainment worlds, exemplifying the possibilities that arise from a strategic approach to entrepreneurship and a balance between family and professional life.

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