Nicolle Wallace’s Maternity Leave Sparks Fan Outcry: Will She Return to MSNBC?

In the fast-paced world of news and politics, viewers often develop strong connections with their favorite anchors. MSNBC’s audience is currently feeling the void left by Nicolle Wallace, who has been on maternity leave since November 2023 after welcoming a baby girl via surrogate.

Fans are clamoring for her return, and the absence is not just resonating with viewers but also affecting the network’s ratings.

Nicolle’s Absence and Fan Outcry: Since her departure, fans have been eagerly awaiting Nicolle’s return to her popular segment, “Deadline: White House,” which used to air on weekdays from 4 to 6 PM EST.

The sentiment is evident on social media platforms, with fans expressing their longing for Nicolle to come back, even if it means donning sweats and a ponytail in her COVID attic.

On a Reddit forum dedicated to MSNBC, one fan pleaded, “Nicolle, please come back. Bring the baby, wear sweats and a ponytail in the COVID attic with Mike and all the dogs.

We, the audience need you back.” Others echoed this sentiment, with some admitting to having stopped watching the show in her absence.

Network Concerns Amid Ratings Decline: It’s not just the fans; even within the network, there is a recognition of the impact of Nicolle’s absence. According to an insider, her leave during the election season has created a significant void in the 4 and 5 PM hours.

The replacement hosts, while trying to keep the seat warm, are reportedly not delivering ratings comparable to Nicolle’s.

Adweek’s TV Newser stats indicate a noticeable decline in ratings for “Deadline: White House” since Nicolle went on maternity leave. The insider, however, suggests that ironically, this absence might help Nicolle in the long run, as her value becomes more apparent.

Joyous News Amidst Concerns: The reason behind Nicolle’s absence is joyous – she and her husband, Michael S. Schmidt, welcomed a healthy baby girl named Isabella (“Izzy”) in late November 2023. This marks Nicolle’s first child with Michael, whom she married in 2022. The anchor announced the birth during a call into her show, expressing her delight at being a new mom again.

Nicolle’s Assurance and Network’s Plans: Despite the concerns and speculations, Nicolle Wallace has reassured her fans that she is not leaving MSNBC. She affirmed her commitment to her viewers, stating that as long as they accept her, she would never leave. However, there is no set date for her return to her anchor duties.

Meanwhile, there are rumors of childcare facilities at MSNBC’s headquarters receiving an upgrade ahead of Nicolle’s return, indicating the network’s dedication to accommodating her needs as a new mother.

Conclusion: As viewers eagerly await Nicolle Wallace’s return to MSNBC, the network is grappling with the challenge of maintaining ratings in her absence. The outpouring of fan support and the network’s acknowledgment of her importance hint at a triumphant return for Nicolle, who is currently reveling in the joy of motherhood. Stay tuned for updates on when she will resume her anchor duties and bring her unique perspective back to “Deadline: White House.”

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