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Major Dodson
Major Dodson

Tyson Hollerman, portrayed by Major Dodson, takes center stage in the heartwarming film “Tyson’s Run,” which premiered in Spring 2022 under the direction and writing of Kim Bass.

The movie chronicles the journey of Tyson, a fifteen-year-old autistic boy, as he navigates his way through mainstream schooling and unexpectedly discovers a talent for running.

As he prepares for the Standbridge Marathon, guided by the character Aklilu, played by Barkhad Abdi, Tyson’s story unfolds, emphasizing themes of perseverance, family bonds, and overcoming obstacles.

Personal Background

Major Dodson, born on July 8, 2003, in Dallas, Texas, USA, brings Tyson Hollerman to life on screen. Dodson’s notable credits include portraying Sam Anderson in AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” as well as roles in “Left Behind,” “American Horror Story,” and “Revolution.”

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Dodson’s talent and versatility shine through in his portrayal of Tyson.

Plot Synopsis

“Tyson’s Run” centers on Tyson Hollerman, an autistic teenager who is homeschooled by his mother, Ellie, portrayed by Amy Smart. Initially aspiring to follow in his father Bobby’s footsteps as a football player, Tyson discovers a hidden talent for running.

With encouragement from his father, a football coach, Tyson shifts his focus to training for the Standbridge Marathon. Guided by Aklilu, Tyson embarks on a journey of self-discovery and determination, overcoming challenges along the way.

Personal Information
Full Name:Major Dodson
Date of Birth:July 8, 2003
Place of Birth:Dallas, Texas, USA
Professional Details
Known For:– Portraying Sam Anderson in “The Walking Dead” <br> – Role in “Left Behind” <br> – Appearances in “American Horror Story” and “Revolution”
Current Residence:Los Angeles, California, USA
Social Media Profiles
Brother:Cooper Dodson

Themes Explored

The film delves into various themes, including:

Family Dynamics: Bobby’s decision to prioritize Tyson’s training over his coaching career highlights the importance of family.

Acceptance and Belonging: Tyson’s journey emphasizes the significance of acceptance and finding one’s place despite differences.

Overcoming Adversity: Despite facing ridicule and doubts, Tyson perseveres, showcasing resilience and determination.

Impact and Reception

“Tyson’s Run” resonates with audiences, offering a narrative of hope and inspiration. Major Dodson’s portrayal of Tyson, combined with the film’s uplifting message, has received positive reviews. Audiences have praised its authenticity and heartfelt storytelling, making it a standout in the realm of inspirational dramas.

In summary, “Tyson’s Run” follows Tyson Hollerman’s determined pursuit of his dreams, showcasing themes of perseverance and self-discovery. Major Dodson’s compelling performance, under Kim Bass’s direction, creates a narrative that resonates worldwide. Through its exploration of family, resilience, and embracing uniqueness, the film inspires viewers to chase their aspirations despite obstacles.

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