Unraveling Sneako’s Relationship Chronicles – From Boat Escapades to Social Media Drama

Sneako, the controversial Islamic social media influencer, has managed to keep the internet abuzz with his unconventional views and personal life. Despite publicly expressing his opposition to haram, he has found himself entangled in various relationships over the years. Let’s delve into the intriguing saga of Sneako’s love life, exploring his past relationships and the recent controversies surrounding his interactions with influential women.

Sneako’s Journey in the Limelight

Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy, better known as Sneako, initially rose to fame through YouTube in 2013, showcasing Call of Duty gaming videos. Over time, he transitioned to more commentary-heavy content, sharing his right-wing perspectives on topics like gender roles, race, and politics. Associating himself with controversial figures, including Andrew Tate, Kayne West, and Donald Trump, brought him both followers and critics.

Sneako’s Love Life Unveiled

While Sneako is outspoken about his views, his romantic affairs remain shrouded in mystery. In September 2023, he raised eyebrows by sharing boat photos with a popular female influencer known as @mayasimiii on TikTok. The nature of their relationship remains ambiguous, with Sneako captioning one photo with “I wish this was Pearl,” leaving fans puzzled about the reference to “Pearl.”

In April 2023, Sneako was linked to @xenathewitcher, also known as Xena, who was seen kissing another woman in a livestream video. The relationship faced scrutiny, with fans accusing Sneako of hypocrisy, claiming he was compromising Islamic values for clout. Xena later took to Twitter to express her frustration, alleging that Sneako denied their relationship publicly and privately.

Xena, also known by her Twitter handle @xenathewitcher, is allegedly an ex-girlfriend of Sneako, the controversial internet personality Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy. The relationship between Sneako and Xena became a subject of discussion and controversy. Here are key points related to Sneako’s alleged ex-girlfriend Xena:

  1. Relationship Disclosure:
    • Xena claimed that she and Sneako were in a relationship, both publicly and privately.
    • She expressed frustration on Twitter, stating that Sneako denied their relationship on public platforms and did not publicly acknowledge their connection.
  2. Social Media Posts:
    • Xena posted personal direct messages (DMs) exchanged between her and Sneako on Twitter.
    • She also shared information about their dating life, responding to Sneako’s denial of their past relationship in a podcast.
  3. Challenges in the Relationship:
    • The relationship faced challenges, as Xena mentioned being aware of the inevitable breakup and claimed she was advised to be mentally prepared.
    • Xena criticized Sneako for dismissing her concerns during a livestream interview with Bradley Martyn.
  4. Public Reaction and Controversy:
    • The situation gained attention on social media, with users reacting to the tweets and revelations made by Xena.
    • Xena emphasized that her intention was not to expose or defame Sneako but to defend herself against perceived lies.
  5. Gifts and Personal Items:
    • Xena requested Sneako to return gifts she had given him, including a Father’s Day painting, Valentine’s Day portraits, rings, black heels, and a Victoria’s Secret jacket.
  6. Denial of Relationship:
    • Sneako, in a podcast, denied that Xena was his ex-girlfriend, along with other alleged women who claimed to have been his girlfriends.

It’s important to note that the details provided are based on Xena’s public statements on Twitter, and the situation may have additional context not covered in the available information. Personal relationships are complex, and public disclosures may only capture certain aspects of the dynamics between individuals.

Sneako, also known as Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy, has been linked to several women in his lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at each relationship and the circumstances surrounding them:

  1. Maya (@mayasimiii):
    • Sneako was photographed with Maya on a boat in September 2023.
    • The nature of their relationship is unclear.
    • Sneako captioned one photo with “I wish this was Pearl,” leaving fans curious about the reference to “Pearl.”
  2. Xena (@xenathewitcher):
    • Linked to Sneako in April 2023.
    • Seen kissing another woman in a livestream video.
    • The relationship faced scrutiny, with accusations of Sneako compromising Islamic values for clout.
    • Xena expressed frustration on Twitter, claiming that Sneako denied their relationship publicly and privately.
  3. Lily Fofana and Maria Morales (2021):
    • Sneako admitted to being in an open relationship in 2021.
    • Involved romantically with model Lily Fofana and another woman named Maria Morales.
    • Discussed the dynamics of his open relationship on the Peer To Peer podcast.

It’s important to note that the information available is based on publicized events and social media posts, and there may be aspects of Sneako’s relationships that are not publicly disclosed or known. Additionally, the dynamic nature of personal relationships means that circumstances can change over time.

Open Relationships and Controversies

This isn’t the first time Sneako has navigated the complexities of open relationships. In 2021, he admitted to being romantically involved with model Lily Fofana and another woman named Maria Morales. The controversial revelation came during an episode of the Peer To Peer podcast, where Sneako discussed the dynamics of his open relationship.

Controversial Encounters

The controversies surrounding Sneako extend beyond his relationships. In a viral incident involving popular streamer Jack Doherty, Sneako’s ex-girlfriend Xena and her friends flashed themselves live on stream. The incident sparked a heated online exchange, adding another layer to Sneako’s already tumultuous public image.

Xena’s Twitter Revelation

In a series of tweets dated July 19, 2023, Xena, Sneako’s alleged ex-girlfriend, called out the influencer for denying their relationship. She posted private DMs and shared insights into their dating life, emphasizing her need to defend herself against what she perceived as lies. Xena demanded the return of gifts she had given Sneako, alleging that he had not stopped engaging in behaviors he claimed to have abandoned.


Sneako’s journey in the spotlight is marked by controversy, open relationships, and public disputes. As the internet continues to dissect his every move, one thing remains certain: Sneako’s life is a rollercoaster of drama that shows no signs of slowing down. The enigmatic influencer continues to captivate and confound, leaving the online community eagerly awaiting the next chapter in his tumultuous tale.

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